AFS International is one of the protagonists of the fashion swimwear and beachwear sector, in more than 60 countries around the world. On the national territory we are represented with an important network of agents and our collections are available in two showrooms - one in-house - and the other hosted by the premises of Officina14 in Milan.

"AFS International draws its strength from the shared values and people that make the company grow day by day."

AFS International is constantly focused on future goals: the passion for what we do and the commitment of our team allow us to reach new goals. Innovation is the lifeblood of our work: the interests and needs of those who choose our items are the motivation and the drive to renew and reinvent our ways of operating, always remaining key players in the market.

"We believe that the drive to constantly improve is the key to keeping our products in line with people’s wishes.”

The traditional know-how and constant commitment to keeping up with the times are the foundations on which the Group’s long-term performance and success are based.
For us to create swimsuits and beachwear is a mission. Our mission.