AFS International is a leading company in the fashion swimwear and beachwear industry, with presence in over 60 countries worldwide. In our country we are represented through a significant network of agents, and our collections are available in two showrooms: an in-house one and the other located in Officina14, Milan.

AFS International draws its strength from shared values ​​and the people who contribute to the company’s growth day after day."

AFS International is constantly focused on future objectives—the passion for what we do and the commitment of our team allow us to continue on our journey, where innovation is the lifeblood of our work. The interests and needs of the people who choose our garments constitute the motivation and the drive to renew and reinvent our work.

We believe that the desire for continuous improvement is the mainspring to making sure that our products are always in line with the wishes of the people.”

For us, creating swimwear and beachwear is a mission. Our mission.