The magic begins

Our history begins in 1952, on the eve of the bikini revolution that invested the Mediterranean coastlines. We have always considered style as an essential added value: our creations are the perfect combination of stylistic experience and insight into design. These are our strengths, together with the creative genie of our precious style department.


The secret of our formula

For more than 60 years, AFS International, has been creating swimwear collections that reinterpret current trends while focusing on people’s demands and desires. With passion and determination, we are constantly nurturing our growth and facing the challenges of the market, undertaking to do what we do best: providing feeling to the people who wear our garments.


Building on the success

The 70s were an event-rich decade that saw many profound changes, the years of the long-awaited cultural revolution that would deeply mark society and the world of fashion by extension. A sensual Farrah Fawcett appears for the first time on the cover of magazines around the world wearing a one-piece swimsuit with a very high cut leg and a plunging neckline that is now legend. AFS International immediately grasps the importance of the phenomenon, and so the collections of those years become a success.


Italian design that never fails

In the 80s the refinement of our 100% Italian design that meet the emerging colorful fashion, rich in new fabrics, such as denim and the Lurex, renders our creations evermore innovative; these are the years when the Made in Italy brand enjoys a real boom, consolidating the Italy and Fashion formula.


An international path

In the 90s top model Eva Herzigova poses for the advertising catalog David—as a result the brand acquires a widely international flare. AFS International has progressed with the times managing to always remain a market protagonist: with more than 40 million garments sold in more than 60 countries worldwide, our product range offers a choice of over 500 swimwear and beachwear models.


The adventure continues...

In 2003 a new brand is born: Vacanze Italiane. This youthful, feminine and fashionable line has over the years been worn by the likes of Youma Diakite, Aída Yéspica and Belen Rodriguez, attesting to its excellence. Ever since the adventure is renewed every year with the launch of a new collection.


The family grows

AFS International was established as a family business. Over the years the family has grown and with it so has the work team as new passionate projects come to life. In 2012, with the participation of supermodel Joanna Krupa, the beachwear line ICONIQUE makes its debut. A release that complements the offer of swimwear with kaftans, dresses and robes. It is during this period when the company presents itself for the first time on the Web with the concept store bikiniworld.it and a B2B e-commerce site.


AFS today

Today AFS International is led by the third generation of its founders. Corporate harmony and family unity are the founding principles of an organisation that is satisfied with its current entrepreneurial success, but always with an eye to the future.